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BitLife Mod APK v3.14.2 Life Simulator [Unlock Bitizenship_God & Boss Mode]

Bitlife MOD APK is a mobile life simulator game created by Candywriter LLC corporation on September 29, 2018. This game bitlife has become one of the most popular game apps in both stores in Google Play Store and the App Store.

The Game app account was created on Reddit and Twitter in 2018. The game launched your YouTube channel on the YouTube platform In 2019. In 2021, candywriter announced a dog life feature, in which the player is focused on controlling a dog.

This game belongs to a real human’s life. These games give the opportunity to learn about human nature. How we make decisions and what decisions impact our lives.

Game Information

bitlife apk logo with red background



Requires Android


MOD Features



Candywriter LLC

6.0 and up


Bitizenship, God Mode, Boss Mode

202.44 MB

Success or failure, if you want to know how the decisions you make in your life reverberate throughout your life, there’s no better game than Bitlife mod. This is a modified and ad-free version for Android smartphones where you can find easily all bit life unblocked features and get unlimited money to fulfill your desires in life. This bitlife game is an updated version and it’s a life simulator game, where you are born as a child and make decisions as you grow older. Some things affect your health, wealth, looks, and happiness. If you want to know much more about this game just jump on blogs page where you find information about this game.

Language Multi Languages
Permission RequiredInternet & network Access WIFI
State Vibrate read, Notification wake,
Lock Receive bind, C2D message Billing write
AppHub service bind, Install Referrer service
Foreground Service, Storage Read
External Storage & contacts
other Permission Allows applications to open network sockets
Allows applications to access information about networks
Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks
Allows access to the vibrator, Allows using Power Manager
Wake Locks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming
Text Permission Allows read only access to phone state
Phone number of the device
cellular network information
ongoing calls
Phone Accounts registered on the device.
software development kit Minimum23
Minimum software development kit TextMod_unpack info
Target software development kit 33
Target software development Text33
Support ScreenSmall
Extra large
CPU Supportarm64-v8a and Above
Supports Any DensityYes
Densities Detail120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640, 65534, 65535
Wi-Fi hardware features802.11 networking (Wi-Fi)
Touchscreen hardware featuresMobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system
Portrait or landscape orientationyes
Original Developercandywriter llc
MOD Make

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Bitlife die happy and get ribbon in picture.

Table of Contents

Official APK vs Bitlife Update MOD APK


FeaturesOfficial APKMOD APK
BitLife EssentialsPaidFree
Expansion PacksPaidFree
Job PacksPaidFree

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlock features
  • Improved gameplay
  • Customization


  • Security risks
  • Legal issues
  • Lack of support from official developers

Personal Experience And Review

My five-year-old son (Ahmad Raza) installed this game on my Android smartphone randomly. When I saw my phone and went to uninstall it my mind said to me let’s check this game and what’s inside it.When I entered this game, this game gives me some kind of Curiosity about what would happen next. As I progressed in the game, it absorbed me and made me curious about what my life would be like.

The game had many features paid for, so I downloaded the MOD version and I am sharing the same version with you. I hope you will play the game with the same enthusiasm as I did. At the beginning and end of the game, you will find a download button from which you can download the game. So don’t wait, download it, play it, and discover more about your life.

Some Player’s reviews from Google Playstore

Bitlife mod apk people reaction with rate stars
Bitlife mod apk people reaction in playstore with rate star


BitLife is such a game that allows you to learn a lot of things about life. Whether it’s about owning your personal life or the life you imagine for yourself. it gives you the power to make decisions without any hesitation.

in another case, it provides opportunities to understand whether your choices lead you on the right path or the wrong one. With all the facilities available in the game, you can make good use of its features and enjoy the pleasures it offers.

Bitlife bitizen can play with unlimited generations, a get full interaction with teachers and their bosses. He can change his bitlife look styles like spa and salon.

you can change the theme of his screen like the dark mod, he also gets access to pet stores and much more and these features are also available in the bitlife bitizen apk.

Boss this word shows a person who is a handler on a farm and has authority over the work and on workers.

Boss Mode is a special careers tab where you will find actors, bitlife mafia, musicians, politicians, bitlife business, pro athletes, street hustlers and astronauts, dealers, models, vampires, and much more.

In this game, another feature is the bitlife god mode apk feature. This feature is not a part of bitizenship. In this feature, you can change and edit the player’s name, and look even at a color of skin and stats as you want with no limits.

You can change your status as in nations with the help of Godmode. But your siblings, birthday date, pet color, and conception method you can’t change in this feature and this feature is also available in the bitlife mod unblock version.

If you purchase the membership of bitlife premium apk, the game unlocks the bitizenship special features for you. Getting a membership will make you a Bitizen. In this upgrade version, you find different features like.

  • Ad Remove
  • More access to pets
  • No Sharing
  • More Generations
  • Dark Mode
  • Being able to join gangs in prison
  • Introduction with teachers in school
  • Interaction with bosses
  • Go through eye exams
  • Join a music band
  • Change you appearance
  • Performance enhancer

When publishers saw the popularity of this game they decided to launch two more versions like this game. Dog life and Cat life.

Yes, it is possible for a character in the BitLife game who becomes an actor to use social media like WhatsApp/ blue whatsapp etc.

chef is word that is a sea of flavors, story of hard work and the magic of art.

Spices magic in his skilled hands. To become a famous chef you follow these instructions first pass your school then go to your community college and get server experience for at least three years then apply for a short order cook after that you will be promoted an executive chef after some time you will become a famous chef.

  • Pass your school and community college
  • Get server experience of at least three years
  • Apply for a short-order cook
  • Promoted an executive chef
  • Finally, you are a Famous chef

Follow some guidelines to become a judge in bitlife. These steps are

  • First, complete your education
  • Find some kind of post in a law firm like a law clerk or junior Assistant
  • Again work hard and study well for the job of judge.
  • You must achieve 30 years’ experience in a law firm then you can apply for a judge post.

There are four steps to becoming an Astronaut in this game

Number one Buy Astronaut career mod but you also get free in BitLife mod app.

Get a STEM Certificate and pilot license.

Get training from Space Academy. After a procedure apply for an astronaut in a space Agency like NASA.

There are five simple steps for making a pilot in the Bitlife game these are

  • Graduate University.
  • Pay for flight school.
  • Complete 40 hours of flight school lessons.
  • Take your pilot test.
  • Find a pilot trainee job.

In number one choose a royal family’s nation in arabic country like soudi arebia, qatar, kuwait etc.

Second, make your fame stats and your qatar id there and then make yourself look handsome

In at third show your health stats in front of them.

In forth become rich

At five build your fame until they accept you as a royal family member And the final step is to Date and get married in royal.

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