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In our society, headwear has become an important part of our appearance and our culture. It can’t only protect our heads, but also highlights our style and personality. We found different kinds of headwear in different regions, different cultures, and religions.

In ancient times, people used caps made of animal skins to cover their heads, which served to protect them in cold weather. As the Times progressed, the design of the hats also changed and their purpose too.

In ancient Greece, a wide-brimmed hat was worn over the heads of travelers it was called Petasos.

In Rome, various hats were used to showcase their cultures, which showed their cultures, lifestyle, and their way of living.

In the Middle Ages, hats were part of everyday clothing and indicated culture to different nations. By the 14th century, cloth knitted hats had become more popular. Then, in the 16th and 17th centuries, jewelry, Feathers, and ribbons were used on hats.

Hats with three corners became famous in the 18th century. In the 19th century, hats came to the highest level of popularity and appeared the symbols of wealth. In the 20th century, the fashion for hats seemed to change further but in the middle of the same century, the wearing of hats also decreased.

Although it is no longer part of everyday clothing it still retained its place in fashion. In this game, we will see some of the same hats that will be part of our assays. it is also free in the latest version.

Head Wears Names with Color Combinations

Pleather Dixie Cup CapBlue Lagoon Green
Cheeky Peaky Blinder CapTroublemaker Teal
Ark Raider HatWorn Leather
Flirty Flapper HatRoaring Orchid
I Love Booty Pirate’s CapBack as Death
Acorn BeaniePower to the Purple
Head Wears NamesColor Shade Combinations
All-Weather Pleather CapMorning Dew Blue/Green lake
Good Old-Timey Boater HatGolden Straw 
Cutesy Bow Cloche HatSpeak Easy Green
Kerouac Plaid HatBoulder Blue
Dutch Boy Bucket CapNorthern Eggplant
Killer Catch Logo CapDriftwood Brown
Daily Derby BowlerBrickhouse Red
Vero Beach FedoraPast Prime Purple
Naval Fleet BeretAquamarine
Cozy Comfy Beanie CapDeep Ocean/Stone Blue
Killer Catch Trawler BeaniePomfret Purple 
Just Say Bucket hatStone Blue
Pleather Logo CapPussycat Purple
Night Cap Chowder HatBlack
Timmy CapMagic Mocha
Vintage Paperboy HatTroublemaker Teal

Some Eyewear Pictures used in the Game

head wears Acorn-Beanie-color-
head wears All-Weather-Pleather-Cap-1
head wears Cheeky-Peaky-Blinder-Cap-color-Troublemaker-Teal
head wears CaptureDaily-Derby-Bowler-color-Brickhouse-Red
head wears Cozy-Comfy-Beanie-Cap
head wears Ark-Raider-Hat-color-Worn-Leather-1
head wears Cutesy-Bow-Cloche-Hat-color-Speak-Easy-Green
head wears Dutch-Boy-Bucket-Cap-Northern-Eggplant
head wears Good-Old-Timey-Boater-Hat-color-Golden-Straw
head wears Flirty-Flapper-Hat-color-Roaring-Orchid-1
head wears Just-Say-Bucket-hat
head wears I-Love-Booty-Pirates-Cap-1
head wears Kerouac-Plaid-Hat
head wears Killer-Catch-Logo-Cap-Driftwood-Brown
head wears Killer-Catch-Trawler-Beanie-color-Pomfret-Purple
head wears Naval-Fleet-Beret
head wears Mellow-Mushroom-Cap-color-Magic-Mocha-1
head wears NightCap
head wears Pleather-Dixie-Cup-Cap-color-Blue-Lagoon-Green
head wears Pleather-Logo-Cap-color-Pussycat-Purple
head wears Timmy-Cap
head wears Vero-Beach-Fedora-color-Past-Prime-Purple

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