House Flipper Challenge Bitlife

How to Complete House Flipper Challenge Bitlife?

Bitlife game’s house flipper challenge, in which you accumulate wealth by buying and selling property. Within this challenge, you need to repair and sell homes after you buy them to make a profit.

This challenge is for those who want to be big entrepreneurs within the game. In the challenge of the game you become the king of virtual real estate. In which you make a fortune by buying the house repairing it and selling it.

House Flipper Challenge Bitlife2


  • Start a first-generation life.
  • Never have a Full-time job.
  • Sell 10+ house.
  • Make $ 1.5m+ from real estate profits.
  • Be 60 or younger.

In this challenge of the game, you can achieve success only when you correct decisions in the game. According to the decision made, you have to find a good and wonderful home at a reasonable price. For this, you bring to mind the concept of buying a home in an area that is almost not in good condition but is in a good and perfect area.

 After repairing the house, it can make a good profit by selling it. After completing any home with a good strategy, you can substantially increase its price for buyers.

If we talk about this challenge in simple terms, this challenge is called the house flipper challenge of buying a property and selling it after renovating it.

Start a first-generation life

  • Open the BitLife app and reach the main menu.
  • Tap on the “New Life” option.
  • Choose your starting country: You can pick any country you prefer. However, some players recommend starting in the USA or Canada for easier access to certain opportunities later in the game. The choice is yours!
  • Customize your character: In the Bitlife online free game, you can personalize your character’s appearance by selecting their gender, name, and physical features.
  • Age through childhood. Once you’ve created your character with the help of bitlife mod apk unlimited money, the game will automatically progress through their childhood years.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully started a first-generation life in BitLfie. Now you can begin making choices and shaping your character’s life story.

Never have a Full-time job

you can begin making choices and shaping your character’s life story.

In this challenge of the game, you have to focus on making money from other sources to become the king of real estate instead of having a full-time job. You never take up a full-time job within this challenge but always try to do part-time jobs and freelancing work. Do more work beyond the age of 13 with a good amount of freelancing work as well.

Keep checking the game’s activates tab over and over again and complete these tasks until they stop being visible.

Turn to a part-time job at the age of 16+. Keep looking for a job with minimum hours to buy and sell homes. 

You can also use the income from various sources to buy and sell houses in the game. Marrying a wealthy partner can provide you with financial support. Getting money from relatives can be a sign of good luck.

part time jobs

Sell 10+ house

  • Go to the Assets tab: Tap on the “Assets” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the house you want to sell: Choose the house you want to sell from the list of properties you own.
  • Tap the “Sell” button: You’ll see a “Sell” button next to the house. Tap on it to initiate the selling process.
  • Set a price: Set a price for the house. Keep in mind that the price you set will affect how quickly the house sells.
  • Wait for a buyer: The game will simulate the sale of the house, and you’ll receive notifications when offers come in.
  • Accept an offer: Once you receive an offer you like, tap “Accept” to finalize the sale.
Sell 10+ house

Make $ 1.5m+ from real estate profits.

  • You can achieve $1.5M+ in this business of real estate. You can buy a rough house renovate this and sell it at a good price.

Be 60 or younger

To complete the house flipper challenge within the bitlife game and become a millionaire you don’t have to be over the age of 60 getting under the age of 60 you have to score this goal

Some Achivements for becoming good house flipper in bitlife

Time ManagementFocus on house flipping as your primary source of income,
Financial ManagementKeep a close eye on your finances and budget.
House Flipping StrategyLook for cheap houses with high renovation potential


First of all, purchase a local house renovate it with good materials, and sell it at a good price.

You must be the age of 18+.

You need a lot of money.

Go to a real state person.

Brow list of houses.

Select a house for your need

Purchase it if you want.

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