dog house challenge bitlife

Dog House Challenge Bitlife

“Dog House Challenge” BitLife is a mobile game in which you can do many things in real life. Like getting a job somewhere, getting married, and even getting a pet, etc. are also part of this game. You form a special bond with these pets, especially dogs. You can also take them for walks, hang out with them, play with them, and you can take care of them. Not only does this keep the dog happy, but you also get a loyal friend who is always by your side.

The BitLife game also has a dog-related challenge called the “Dog House Challenge”. In this part of the article, I will tell you how to easily complete this challenge and how to succeed in this challenge within the game.

Dog House Challenge has different types of tasks to complete to complete the challenge. There are some dog house rules and tasks are as follows:

dog house challenge

Tasks in this Challenge

  • Start a first-generation life.
  • Own 26 alive dogs from the shelter.
  • Start each Dog’s name with a different letter of the alphabet.

Difficulty : Easy

Start each Dog’s name with a different letter of the alphabet

Here are some names that you can use for your pet. 

Friendly NamesUnique NamesMovie/TV NameMythology Name


This game bitlife is now available on iOS devices. If you are interested and want to play this game on your iPhone or iPad you can download this game from the official app store.


After completeing the task this dog house challenge end.

A house full of dogs.

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