Zoo expansion pack bitlife

Zoo Expansion Pack Bitlife

A new zoo expansion pack bitlife task has been launched within the bitlife game concerning the animal business. The task has been dubbed the bitlife zoo expansion pack.

If you love animals and want to run your own business with animals, this expansion pack can be a great source of income for you. With this pack, you can raise your favorite animals which can include bears, pandas, lions, cheetahs, zebras, and many more animals.

Within this task, you have to collect and breed many animals. At the same time, you increase the number of animals and trade with them.

This challenge is not just about collecting animals in a large number. You also have to provide the most subjective habitat and good environment for these animals. For

this, you have to build an expert team of animals and hire them as employees. In view of all these things, breeding your animals increases the number in the dozens by helping you grow the bitlife business.

After doing all this, you also get success in this task and new rewards with the help of this task.

  • Start your own Zoo!
  • Collect trade, and breed over 100 animal species!
  • Manage your team of animal experts!
  • Earn all new accessories!

Inside the bitlife game, you need a lot of money to buy a zoo. To choose a zoo  You go to your assets Side section and choose a good place for a good zoo from there.

That place should be a suitable and large place to have more animal breeds. If you are using the bitlife apk mod 2024 in which you are provided with unblocked unlimited money, this task becomes much more convenient for you.

Collect trade, and breed over 100 animal species!

This bitlife task requires understanding which animals you can buy with the money you deposit. Make a decision taking into account the needs of your animals and your budget.

To build a zoo, it is necessary for every type of animal to have a place that is the subject for it to live. To carry out this task, the government helps you.  To run the zoo, you are provided with tens of millions of dollars per year in the game by the government. 

For more money and to meet the needs of animals if you need more money, you can also apply for it.

Manage your team of animal experts!

Within this task, you are provided with the option that you can handle the zoo any way you want. You can also give it a new name. It can also make the space even bigger by arranging for the placement of animals, items to be found for food, and the purchase of new animals.

  • Admission fee: The ticket price should reflect your zoo’s investment.
  • Attractions: Add decorations, exhibits, or shows to your zoo to attract visitors.
  • Budget: Stay within your budget at all times.
  • Employees: Keep your staff in line with your requirements. Employees can be hired and fired, and their performance can be evaluated.
  • Hire: Find more workers to improve the zoo’s efficiency.
  • Invest: Maintain the zoo by buying new animals and keeping it clean.
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Bitlife Habitats in Zoo Expansion packs

Habitats are called natural places where animals take their mortgage, for example, if an animal comes to the zoo from an icy place, a similar cool place is chosen for it. Similarly, in this part of the game, many places are mentioned where the animal is arranged to live.

zoo expansion
zoo habitat

Bitlife Habitats in Zoo Expansion packs

Desert HabitatFor desert animals like camels, snakes, and lizards.
Grassland HabitatFor grassland animals like lions, zebras, and giraffes.
Forest HabitatFor forest animals like monkeys, bears, and deer.
Tundra HabitatFor tundra animals like penguins, polar bears, and arctic foxes.
Petting Zoo HabitatFor friendly farm animals like goats, sheep, and cows.
Exotic HabitatFor exotic animals like kangaroos, koalas, and chimpanzees.
Bird Sanctuary HabitatFor various bird species like parrots, eagles, and owls.


You can download Bitlife zoo expansion pack all animals apk download from the download page. Just download the bitlife mod apk game and enjoy the bitlife zoo expansion pack.

Yes, we can use the golden pacifier in the zoo expansion pack.

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