barbie challenge bitlife

Barbie challenge Bitlife

How do you become Barbie in Bitlife?

Bitlife game is a game that, as well as being popular, has its reputation. Those who play this game create and control the characters they want. The game has many challenges and goals that players have to play to complete. One of these goals is also that of a target Barbie challenge.

What is the Barbie challenge?

The Barbie challenge is a challenge that is very popular in bitlife. In this challenge, players try to create a character that is complete in essence. What kind of look does Barbie, for example, want an ego? How Barbie should be beautifully successful and happy, etc.

Completing the Barbie challenge is not easy but it is also possible. There are many tips that can help you meet the Barbie challenge.

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  • Be a female.
  • Undergo all plastic surgeries except gender reassignment.
  • Become a model.
  • Live in a mansion (or similar).
  • Pay attention to Barbie’s appearance and appearance to complete the Barbie challenge.
  • Make sure she looks beautiful and attractive.
  • You can customize hair makeup and clothing with it.

Your character may have to go through stages such as plastic surgery to look beautiful. In which you will find options such as plastic surgery by going to activities.

In this surgery, you can get all kinds of plastic surgery in addition to changing the gender of your character. Such as:

  • Botox
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Facelift
  • Liposuction
  • Nose job
  • Tummy Tuck
bitlife barbie challenge tasks

Some Tips and Benefits of this challenge in the game

AppearanceFocus on your Barbie’s appearance. Make sure she is beautiful and attractive. You can customize her hair, makeup, and clothes.
EducationEducate your Barbie. Help her get a good education so she can have a successful career.
CareerGet your Barbie a good career. Help her find a job that she likes and that she is good at.
RelationshipGet your Barbie a good relationship. Help her find a partner who loves and cares for her.
CreativityThe Barbie Challenge can help you use your creativity. You will have to use your imagination to make your Barbie unique and interesting.
Gameplay skillsThe Barbie Challenge can help you improve your gameplay skills. You will need to understand and use the game’s mechanics to make your Barbie successful.
BitLife experienceThe Barbie Challenge can help you get more enjoyment out of your BitLife experience. It gives you an excuse to explore new features and possibilities of the game.

During Plastic Surgery, your costs may increase that’s why you don’t have to have it all done in the same year. Get your character to work part-time for a short period of time in high school for the sake of having plastic surgery. Can also raise money from a full-time job after graduation. This money will work in the plastic surgery stages of your character. In this surgery, you should focus on having nose surgery as well as eyelid surgery because it is necessary to get a job as a model. Your character is given a variety of activities section for the beauty of the character in the bitlife game.

Help your character get a good education so that he can start a successful career. Help you find a good job of your character with a good career. That meets Barbie standards. She is also the choice of the novice Barbie.

After the work is complete, look for a partner for Barbie who loves and cares about her. There are many benefits to completing this challenge challenges help you harness your research potential and improve gameplay. Can help to understand and enjoy the bitlife experience with it.


It depends on how much time and how much effort you put in to meet this challenge. Some players meet this challenge in a matter of hours, while some players are unable to complete it in several days or even weeks.

If you are using the mode version of bitlife, there is no difficulty for you. You can complete your challenge Basani with the help of the mod version.

No, there is no need for any DLC or in-app purchases to complete the Barbie Challenge the challenge is only available in the basic version of the game long does it take to complete the Barbie Challenge?

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