Bitlife Ribbons

Bitlife Ribbons | Get to modify the free version

Bitlife ribbons are the honor of a character’s life that is hung on the character’s grave after their death.

bitlife Ribbons

The ribbon number is 43 in this game these names are

NameLive LikeDifficulty
Model BitizenLive an amazing lifeExtreme
TeammateBecome an app developerLuck-based
BanditLive like an outlaw of oldEasy
Big BossFinish your business career on topHard
AcademicComplete a postgraduate educationEasy
AddictDie with addictionsMedium
Barbie GirlGo under many knives Easy
Cat LadyBe a spinster, surrounded by felines Varies
CunningPractice extreme MachiavellianismMedium
DeadlyBe responsible for the deaths of othersHard
Family GuyBe an honest, loving fatherVaries
FamousAchieve fame in lifeVaries
FertileSpawn a lot of off-springMedium
GenerousGfit well and oftenMedium
GeriatricLive for a very long timeMedium
GlobetrotterTravel or emigrate to many countriesMedium
Gold DiggerGet rich by marrying richHard
HeroSave a life or die noblyEasy
HoudiniEscape from prison many timesExtreme
High RollerEarn a lot of money gamblingLuck-based
InfluencerEnjoy the life of a social media star Hard 
JailbirdExperience several stints in prisonEasy
LazyLive an idle lifeExtremely Easy
LoadedDie insanely wealthyVery Hard
LustfulBe extremely promiscuousEasy
MediocreBe completely ordinaryExtremely Easy
MonopolyBuy houses and sell housesMedium
MoochAsk of others and never give backVery Easy
Movie BuffDedicate yourself to theaterEasy
RichDie with a high net worthMedium
RowdyLive a life of debaucheryMedium
ScandalousSpend a lot of time in prisonEasy
StupidLive a dumb, idle lifeMedium
SuccessfulLive a balance, honest lifeEasy
TarzanBond with exotic animalsVaries
ThiefSteal from others, frequentlyVaries
UnluckyDie young and unfortunatelyLuck-based
VeteranServe a distinguished career in the militaryVery Hard
WastefulFall short of your potentialExtremely Easy
WickedBe very cruel to othersMedium

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