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In BitLife, a chance encounter with animals could spark love, rivalry, or even a wild goose chase. A relationship between humans and dogs is a combination of different factors. Dogs are social animals and they deeply understand the feelings, and emotions of humans and understand human behavior too. They also understand the sensitivity of human body language and sound signals which make the relationship and communications better.

On the other hand, dogs provide us with safety and emotional support and make good relationships with humans. It is an exciting experience Humans encounter with animals that are mostly loving. This relationship gives us more comfortable and loving moments. Spending time with pets gives a sense of love and loyalty.

The animal makes our moments more delicious. Meeting with animals gives us to see the habits, lifestyle, and nature of any animal.

It is a better way to make strong relations with any animal to provide support and give good training. We can face many kinds of issues to improve their health and in good training. In that way, we spend more loveable time with our pets and we get a chance to make them stronger.

In this part of the game, humans are born like dogs or in the shape of cats. They meet humans and after meeting with humans, humans decide whether you have to take home or not. Even if you are playing dog or a lover of dogs.

This game feature tells you how to bond with humans and enjoy their company when you are in this game as an animal if you are interested in playing this game and feeling love with animals just go download page and download the mobile application on your smartphone. Number of 3 main places shown in this encounter.

  • Shelter / Pet House
  • Streets
  • Household
encounter with dog
Human Encounter dog on street
Human Encounter dog with family

Shelter / Pet House

Shelters/ Pet houses, that places where animals are temporarily housed while adopters are being adopted for them. Pet shelters typically provide food, water, and medical care to a variety of animals. They can also help prepare animals for adoption. In this game, if you are rejected for adoption you stay in the shelter or if you are rejected a second time and you die in the shelter house you will get the rejection ribbon.


Street dogs or cats are an interesting choice! It is an interesting question which of the street dogs and cats can be better pets? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on your lifestyle and preferences which one to choose.

Dogs are mostly very loyal and loving animals. They welcome you, enjoy spending time with you, and try to protect you. They can become great companions to keep you engaged in excursions and other activities. The dogs are often very intelligent animals and can learn different training commands. This makes them very controllable.


Here are some benefits of household dogs that can make dogs the perfect companion for homes and homeowners. Dogs can provide honesty to people of all ages. They are a great supporter of human beings and can help reduce loneliness and stress. Research has shown us that the time spent with dogs can help you reduce stress and anxiety. Dogs can help us meet people and make new fellows. Taking your dog for an outing in the park is a great way to meet other dog owners and understand the people

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