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Simply put, eyewear refers to the lenses that we use to swim, look, and for fashion. I’m just going to cover a little brief history of eyeglasses and how long they’ve been around.

The first design of eyeglasses, which is to say two lens corrective frames, comes all from the 13th century in Italy.

With this said, however, it’s also true that other cultures around the world have been experimenting with similar kinds of ideas. It wouldn’t have been perfected until this point in the 13th century. For example, there’s an Arabic text from the 11th century called “the book of optics” which essentially laid the foundation for modern eyeglasses but again, it wouldn’t be for another hundred years that we would really see something resembling the first modern pair.

Bifocals which are lenses with two optical powers date to roughly the 1760s. In the early 1800s, a British astronomer “George Airy” invented lenses that can correct astigmatism and blurred vision.

Handheld glasses or lorgnette were the first style to be used and the other one is the bridge of the nose.

Of course, the Monocle glasses which was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. That’s a single lens held in the orbit of the eye and it was popular among the upper classes in that period. In the 1920s, an arm-leg design was introduced.

In the 1970s, designers caught on that there could be a market for designer eyewear. In the twentieth century, eyeglasses were still considered primarily a medical appliance and since then, we’ve seen all kinds of different fashion-forward frames abound.

There are many types that have been used in the accessories. Accessories are those additional things that help us to complete our outfit. We can use these items with our clothes to look complete and charming. And it is possible to modify the version. You can download this file from the download page.

Accessories change the Shape of your character. Many of the accessories in activities are provided to you that will have to do with your appearance.

As of June 2020, other characters can also wear accessories. There are almost 395 accessories in this bit life update version. After completing the challenges you can use these accessories and it is also available in the moded version. Download it from the download page and enjoy the all features of this game.

Eye Wears Names with Color Combinations

Quantum Wave OpticalSpeed of Light Blue
Sea foam AngelSeafoam Angel
Cupids RomanticRed
Goodson WayfarersBlack
Designer’s StatementSaddle Leather
Vapor waveMulti
Jerry SimpPansy Pink
Lucky WinnersIndigo
Breckenridge SummeForest Green
New SportsCool Blue
Eye Wears NamesColor Shade Combinations
Blue Tiger FashionistasWild Blue
Welder Chic Goggle FrameRed Hot/Moss Green
Frameless WinklesSabina Green
Purple Haze HippyPurple
Groovy Gandhi’s Baby BlueGentle Green
Motor CityBlue Smoke
Holly in the HamptonsLong Island Lilac
Violet TigersViolet
Cool Cat AviatorsAquamarine
Club masters OGCopper Smoke
Wire CircletsRose Gold
Tween GamerSilly Blue
PrideTroublemaker Teal
Blue HeartsCerulean
Golden Immortal GlassesBeyond the Veil
Uptown SocialitesGregarious Green
Classic WayfarersOrganic Eggshell
Aspen MountainBurnt Orange
Cool Cat AviatorsPurple Haze
Cerulean TigersCerulean
TrumansBlue Fade
Cousin CarlsBlue
Great Escape Chopper King of Cool Rawhide
Biker BladesMorning Dew
Mary Caray SpecsCracker Jack Red
Classic Cool Aviatorsblack
Capote CoolBreakfast at Tiffany’s Blue
Classic Aviators RustBlue
Bolt-on HD Fashion GlassBadass Black
Powder Bunny GogglesFrench Fries Pizza Slice
East Coast Aviatorsblack
Superstar SpecsCotton Candy Blue
Flower PowersAge of Aquarius
Elevation ShadesBlack & Tan

Some Pictures of Eyewear used in the Game

eyewears  Breckenridge Summer Forest Green glasses
eyewear Capote Cool Breakfast at Tiffany's Blue glasses
eyewear Goodson Wayfarers shade Black glasses
eyewear Wellingtons shade sea foam glasses
eyewear Cerulean Tigers shade Cerulean glasses
eyewear Classic Aviators Rust glasses
eyewear Classic Cool Aviators shade black glasses
eyewear Classic Wayfarers shade Organic Eggshell glasses
eyewear Club masters OG shade Copper Smoke
eyewear Commandos shade black glasses
eyewear Cool Cat Aviators shade Aquamarine glasses
eyewear East Coast Aviators glasses
eyewear Aspen Mountain shade Burnt Orange glasses
eyewear Bifocals
eyewear Biker Blades Morning Dew glasses
eyewear Blue Hearts shade Cerulean glasses
eyewear Blue Tiger Fashionistas shade Wild Blue glasses
eyewear Bolt-on HD Fashion Glass shade Badass Black glasses
eyewear Cupids Romantic shade Red glasses
eyewear Designer's Statement shade Saddle Leather glasses
eyewear Cousin Carls shade Blue glasses
eyewear Elevation Shades shade Black & Tan glasses
eyewear Flower Powers shade Age of Aquarius glasses
eyewear Frameless Winkles shade Sabina Green glasses
eyewear Golden Immortal Glasses shade Beyond the Veil glasses
eyewear Goodson Wayfarers shade Black glasses
eyewear Great Escape Chopper Goggles shade King of Cool Rawhide glasses
eyewear Groovy Gandhi’s Baby Blue shade Gentle Green glasses
eyewear Holly in the Hamptons shade Long Island Lilac glasses
eyewear Lucky Winners shade Indigo glasses
eyewear Jerry Simp Shade Pansy Pink glasses
eyewear Mary Caray Specs shade Cracker Jack Red glasses
eyewear Montys glasses
eyewear Motor City Shade Blue Smoke glasses
eyewear Newports shade Cool Blue glasses
eyewear ool Karen Shade Navy Blue glasses
eyewear Powder Bunny Goggles shade French Fries Pizza Slice glasses
eyewear Pride shade Rainbow glasses
eyewear Purple Haze Hippy Shade Purple glasses
eyewear black and transparent
eyewear Sea foam Angel Shade Sea foam glasses
eyewear Sport Specs glasses
eyewear Superstar Specs Grape
eyewear Trumans
eyewear Tween Gamer Silly Blue glasses
eyewear Uptown Socialites Gregarious Green glasses
eyewear Vacation shade Blue glasses
eyewear Vapor wave Shade Multi glasses
eyewear Violet Tigers shade Violet glasses
eyewear Welder Chic Goggle
eyewear Wellingtons shade seafoam glasses
eyewear Wire Circlets Rose Gold glasses
eyewear Monocle
eyewear Quantum Wave Optical Goggles shade Speed of Light Blue glasses copy

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