black widow challenge

How to complete the black widow challenge Bitlife?

The black Widow challenge bitlife game is a challenge in which the player has to create a character like that. The woman acts as a black Widow a woman who, after her marriage, murders her husband and then seizes her wealth. The goal of the challenge is for the player to help their character kill as many husbands as possible.

What are the requirements for the Black Widow challenge bitlife?

  • Be a female
  • kill 6 husbands after making love to them
First complete this taskLilsimsie
Husband’s kill count200 kill

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The challenge first emerged in 2022 and became popular at the same time. To complete the challenge, the player has to use different procedures for their role such as poisoning their husband, not liking them or killing him, etc.

The challenge was subsequently met with considerable criticism as it was being shown to promote violence and hatred towards women.

But supporters of the bitlife challenge ignore it by saying it’s just a game it has nothing to do with real real life To meet this challenge, it also has certain rules and regulations that must be met.

You have to choose your character in the role of a woman.

  • The woman is at least 18 years old.
  • Have good physical health.
  • Get away from smoking and alcohol.
  • Your character must marry at least once.
  • Your character must kill her husband once.
  • Your character’s goal of killing her husband will only be his property and all his money.
black widow challenge complete

The procedures you must go through to complete the black video challenge are:

  • Ask your character’s husband to choose a successful career to make more money.
  • Use your hidden talent to poison the character’s husband or lure him into accidents.
  • Do not take any steps that make you look suspicious in the death of your character’s husband.

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