how to become an actor in bitlife

How to become an actor in bitlife

If you want to become an actor in bit lofe game or are trying to become an actor, then in this blog about becoming an actor you will find all the information with which you can become an actor in the game.

Bitlife apk game is a life simulator game where you can make your character anything whether it’s a rock star or an actor or whether you take him into the world of crime. It all depends on your own playing. The option to become an actor in the bitlife full game was updated in 2022 and became very popular.

  • Start a new game with good looks
  • Taking acting lessons from the age of 18
  • Join drama club
  • get fame in social media bitlife
  • High school graduation
  • Take some extra actions for fitness
  • Always be ready to learn and grow.
  • Do extra work to make money
  • Work hard to improve your acting skills.
  • Be patient and don’t give up.
  • Believe in yourself.

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Start a new game with good looks

Start a new game with good looks:

First of all, take into account the character’s look. start with a character whose look is almost above 70%. If this does not happen, you can start again with a new character. If you decide to play with a less elegant-looking character, this character will grow up in age and will have difficulties becoming an actor.

To get an actor’s career, you need to buy the boss mode version before the game’s marketplace, which helps the character become a better actor. Your character needs a better look to become an actor. It can be helpful for him to have a good character luck score. But it is not even one hundred percent necessary to become an actor.

You don’t need a god-mode version to become an actor. But to open the way to an acting career, you have to shop for Boss Mode from Bitlife’s marketplace. If you are using bitlife’s mod apk, then this option will be easily available for you.

acting lessons

Taking acting lessons from the age of 18:

Your character needs to be up to the age of 18 which allows you to get a job in several places and raise money to work in the acting field. If you want to make your character an actor, you need to start training in acting classes at the age of 18 years.

  • Go into the Activities menu and select Mind & Body > Acting Lessons.
  • Attend acting lessons in the Mind & Body menu and select Acting Lessons again. Complete three acting lessons per year.

Join drama club:

The game has to keep playing until your character enters high school. Join a Drama Club in high school. Any extra activity will have to be chosen with the drama club.

Go to the School menu and select your school’s name then> Activities > Drama Club.

  • If you don’t get the drama club option in the menu list then you can try again and add your age in, when you age up until you graduate high school.
Darama club

Some Activities for becoming an actor in bitlife

Looksabove 70%
Age limitat least 18 years
Drama clubfor practice
High shool graduationcompulsory
Price$4.99 per month

Take some extra actions for fitness:

After graduating from high school, you will begin to pay attention to the look of your character. Which will try to increase the character’s likeness by 100%. If you will be using the version of Bitlife’s modified app, you will click on the Look option. It can also be edited to 100 percent.

  • Mind & Body: Gym
  • Salon & Spa: Dye Job, Hair Stylist, Nail Salon, Waxing Salon
  • Doctor: Doctor (treatment for illness or disease)
  • Plastic Surgery: a botched plastic surgery will decrease looks.

Use the gym to improve body structure use Sloan and Spa to do your hairstyles good See a good doctor in case of character illness. If your character needs plastic surgery somewhere, fulfill it. Add more to the look of your character. Do some extras to earn good and be on the lookout for an activity that benefits you financially.

If you manage to do that and do a little more, you can hire for a good and big acting job in the game

Be patient don’t give up & Believe in yourself:

You can do your character’s acting career until your fame bar is 100 percent met and after you die, you are also awarded the acting actor’s carbon, which is applied to your character’s gravestone.


If you play a game without any subscription meaning without any version like god mode boos then obtusely it is hard to play this challenge. If you are using the mod apk version then this is not very hard.

You start your character’s training at the age of 8 but you can a professional after the age of 18 years old.

  1. The player can apply for auditions in Special Careers > Actor tab > Apply for Auditions.
  2. Make sure the player applies for both television roles and movie roles until they become famous actors or movie stars.

Most people ask this question how do we become actors in this game? In the first you should know that your characters looks good and handsome if you rate out 100 it must be 70.

After passing high school, he get the six-year experience letter of voice actor, and when you become a star a display box shows on your screen that you have been promoted to the actor.

  • At first handsome look
  • Second pass high school then get six years experience of as a voice actor.
  • In a third promoted to the actor.

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