Bitlife Prison Escape

Bitlife Prison Escape

If you want to see Bitlife Prison Escape, this article will help you get the prisoner out of jail.

In bitlife, which is a live simulator game, you can train your character at will. In this game, you can also give your character the choice of a noble and ordinary citizen or a negative and crime-ridden life.

However, bad work results in bad things. doing bad things can also Jail your character. But luckily the escape from prison guide in the version of bitlife mode APK will help In bitlife prison escape 6×6 jail and back into the free world.

If your character fails in his attempt to escape, he could face an increase in jail time. Which in turn requires him to be careful and work with planning. Together your character also needs to create a good plan.

In this blog, we will learn how you can help your character run out of jail. Your character commits so many crimes that he or she even has to go to Bit Life prison if he or she can get the attention of law enforcement. This includes, whether it be trivial thefts or stealing neighbor’s parcels to bank robberies, etc.

When your character commits any crime in the game, he/she is waiting for him/her to be arrested after committing the crime. If this happens, there are several paths in front of him that he can try.

In it he can try to bribe police officers. Can insult them or go with them in silence. The chance of success in running after being caught is very low. Will not want to lose the money stolen in the form of robbery to yourself.

Another thing it takes into account is that if you fail to pay a bitlife police officer or try to escape from jail, the court will indict you with another indictment. Your punishment will increase further.

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How to escape prison in bitlife no walls?

Methods Advantages Disadvantages Required Equipments
Climbing over the wallRelatively easy, can access weak parts of the prisonHigh risk of getting caught, risk of falling from heightsStrong physical trength, rope (optional: knife to
make holes in the wall)
Crawling through the sewersLow risk of getting caught, potentially less security in some prisonsLow risk of getting caught, and potentially less security in some prisonsHigh risk of getting caught, risk falling from heights
Overpowering a guard Quickest method, provides opportunity for immediate escape from prisonMost dangerous, guards can be injured, can alert other guardsKnife, guard’s uniform
Briding your way outChance to escape with a large group, prison security may be weakenedExpensive, difficult to find willing officials, possibility of futureA large sum of money, means of contacting prison officials
Participating in a prison riotChance to escape with a large group, prison security may be weakendVery dangerous, the possibility of casualties, increased sentenceStrong strength and fighting ability
using inside informationQuick and less dangerous Difficult to access information, risk of changes in the planinside information about the prison-like tunnel map, weak points
  • The character of the first-up needs to be offended and caught.
  • After being caught your character needs to find a relationship to escape from prison.
  • In which it has to collect the necessary equipment such as Chaco or rope, etc.
  • After collecting the equipment, it needs to wait for the right time to escape.
  • To escape, it takes different planning with different mechanisms.
  • Must climb the wall and get training to escape from above. If he fails to do so, he must try to escape by crawling through the gutter.

From all of them, a second method can be escaped by bribing a guard and stealing his uniform in the form of a guard.

What are the things it takes to get out of Bitlife Prison Escape?

It requires knives, rope and ordinary clothes.

Thanks to some tips, your character may be able to escape from prison.

  • Take care of your health and strength as your character will need to be physically fit to escape from prison.
  • Try to stay together with other prisoners and the guard so that your character can easily find a way to escape.
  • It can take time to escape, be patient.

Your character may also face many difficulties to escape from prison. This is a difficult and dangerous task. It depends on the top of the Gameplayer whether he can make his character succeed in escaping or failing. After escaping you can get caught if you get caught, you can get more punishment. The character of up while on the run may also be injured or killed or killed by police.


Press the gel menu on the left side with the age button while locked in jail. Press the escape option that brings its own little game to the Gurd. The purpose of your character in this game is to get the prison guard out before they are caught. You can only make one move on each mode while the guard can move every time.

So the purpose of your character is to trap him in one of the traps so that he cannot move. Your character has to keep moving forward and work hard to run and be free. If your character manages to run from prison, authorities will constantly look for him and can catch him at any time in the future. If you authorities If you want to bitlife clear criminal record, you have to try to leave the country.

Even if you get arrested at the border, you can be free by bribing the authorities. Once free, it’s a good idea to stay away from a life of guilt. If you are recaptured for a crime, the law will punish you severely and it will not only punish you for that crime, but you will also be punished for fleeing.

It is a challenge in which up’s role plays as a criminal and he is sentenced to prison. Later it is aimed at escaping from prison.
Completing an eight-by-eight challenge can be a daunting challenge but if the challenge is completed, your character is given a ribbon of prisonscape. There are many other seals in prison skip, such as

  • Bitlife prison escape 8×8
  • Prison escape 6×6
  • Bitlife prison 7×5
  • Escape 5×5
  • bitlife prison escape 8×7
  • bitlife escape 4×7

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