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Bitlife | Education and challenges in public primary school

In the previous blog, we tried to find out about private primary schools what is the standard of education in private schools, and about fees charges also. Today we are talking about public primary schools.

Public schools are open to educate and train them because children are an important foundation of any society. Training and education is a fundamental need of a society and public schools play an important role in this.

These schools keep an important place in terms of Social Development and educational fields. These schools raise social courage, as well as gather children under one roof provide them with education.

The students live together, study here with each other, and prepare for their upcoming tomorrow.

The children of different classes in these schools make a good connection with each other to make a strong foundation for the future of the country.

One good thing is that these schools also play an important role in enhancing social justice because here every class of child is attending the same school which also leads to uniformity in social survival.

The other benefit is that children are not only given training and social education here but also have the opportunity to learn the craft of skills in a different field, for example, sports, literature, knowledge, and art etc.

These schools are also playing an important role in social development. Students studying here play an important role in social activities, as well as in the industrial projects and the development of the country.

This school is an excellent tool for fulfilling the hopes and desires of children. Children study here to turn their dreams into reality and make their lives the best they can be.

These schools provide equal opportunity for children to know better about their courage and strength and serve the country and nation.

Along with the benefits of public schools, they have various educational issues that we will try to discuss here.

  • One of the problems is social uniformity: social uniformity is that schools aim to provide the same education to all but in some areas, being feudal and Vadera systems, the quality of education is not the same in the areas and because of these people, there is a problem of uniformity in education.
  • The second problem is the reduction of education facilities in Public Schools. Despite having a good number of schools, there is a lack of educational facilities in some areas, which is usually due to social conflicts or negligence of the government, which makes students unable to get a quality education and deprives them of a good education.
public primary school
  • The third and main problem is not having a good education system. A good education in a school also requires having good and educated teachers, but in some countries, the state of Public Schools is that there are no good teachers, no good education, and no good education system. Then private schools provide education with higher fees and charge higher fees in those countries.

The problems of public schools have created enough complexity in the education system. And these problems hinder our economic system. The government should review these issues and take good action on them. So that every child can have a quality education and serve the country and the nation in the future.

Now we observe from a table the difference between a public school and a private primary school.

Private Primary Schools | Public Primary Schools


AspectPrivate SchoolsPublic Schools
OwnershipPrivately owned and managedGovernment-owned and managed
FundingRelies on tuition fees and donationsFunded by the government through taxes
Admission CriteriaAdmission often based on merit and feesGenerally open to all students in the locality
Class SizeSmaller class sizes for individual attentionLarger class sizes may be common
InfrastructureMay have better facilities and amenitiesFacilities may vary, often dependent on government budget
Curriculum FlexibilityCan adopt a more flexible curriculumFollows a standardized national curriculum
Teacher SalariesTeachers may receive higher salariesSalaries are set by government standards
Extra-Curricular ActivitiesOften offers a variety of extra-curricular activitiesMay have limited resources for extra activities
AccountabilityAccountable to the school management and parentsAccountable to government education authorities and the public
Cost of EducationTuition fees can be higherGenerally more affordable or even free
Uniform PoliciesMay have specific uniform requirementsUniform policies often standardized
Community InfluenceMay reflect specific values or philosophiesReflects the diverse community it serves


Bitlfe School as soon as you are 4 or 6 years old, you automatically enter and then can leave between 16-18 years old. In these years you read, face battles on the playground, and deceive situations like friends and other real life.

The better you read, the better grades you get and the more chances you’ll get to a good university in the future. If you do not go to school, make noise in class or fight with others, the number will decrease, which will affect the future.

As a young child in bitlide when you first go to school, you see a “screen” that explains which school you are in. This school is public or private. What time period you will spend in it. Remember, when you’re younger you can’t have more options such as being dropout, joining a club, or skipping class! It will all happen when you grow up. So just focus on studying right now and have fun!

  • Enter the school menu
  • Click on Secondary School
  • Click on “Drop Out”

In bit life, running away from school is not as easy as playing with a ball in the street! But you can do it with Bitlife unlocked version. If you haven’t this application then you can do this after the age of at least 15 years. But the problem is that most “butt life parents” won’t let you stop, like they hold your hand. So can you just leave as an orphan?

Maybe! But remember, think twice before you run away from school! Sometimes the punishment for fights can be even harsher than being expelled from school, like going to jail! And if accidentally killed someone, then even greater trouble! So maybe staying a little more in school would be a good idea, no?

In addition to studying at school, there is a lot more to learn, such as sports, dancing, writing, or golf. All fun things like these are called “off-course activities”. If you become a good player, you can become a leader!
These activities also come in handy in the future, such as being on a football team can make you a football star. So find the activity you like and be a part of it! Learn, have fun, and snow the future!

Primary school is called primary school because it is the first stage of children’s education. Previously, children attend the home or play school, but in primary school they enter a formal educational institution for the first time.

The basic knowledge and skills such as reading, writing, and math teaches children in Primary school. These skills are vital for children as they prepare them for further education.

Primary school is an important stage for children because it plays an important role in their mental and social development. At this stage children make new friends, have new experiences, and begin to learn about themselves.

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