material girl challenge

How to Complete Material Girl Challenge?

To meet the Material Girl challenge in the Bitlife game, you will have to do some things that are as follows.

  • Marry 5+ sugar daddies 
  • Never sign a prenup
  • Never hold a job
  • Buy $m+ worth of jewelry while married 
  • Purchase a yacht
material girl task
Starting StatsHigh Looks and Health
Marry 5+ sugar daddies Marry with five old rich man
Never sign a prenupNever sign a marriage prenuptial agreement
Never hold a jobMarry with rich sugar daddy and never hold a job
Buy $1m+ worth of jewelry while married make your assets from husband’s money
Purchase a yachtpurchase a see yacht because it’s costly

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Fashionable social media star:

First up’s character has to be a fashionable social media star without a shortage of money, power, and Fluors. This is possible when you are using the God mode version of bitlife mod apk.
The first thing to do is to select your character in the case of a woman in any country in the case of a superstar. Start the life of the character in the game with a good look and health so that the size of the up for the modeling career is beautiful.

Marry 5+ sugar daddies:

To complete the bitlife Material Girl challenge, you must first marry five or more sugar daddies. To perform this task, you will need the bitizenship mode, which is free in the version of the mode APK.
With the help of bitizenship mod Apk, you can change your character’s figure so that your character looks 100% beautiful.
After completing your school studies, you should start beautifying your character’s appearance with plastic surgery and exercise.

While studying high school, you should start looking for sugar daddies for your role. Click on the dating app within the game set your preferred age to 80 Plus and keep the salary cap over one hundred thousand dollars.
After doing this, get close to a sugar daddy and marry him. But make sure to divorce him immediately after marriage and do the same series with five or more.

Never sign a prenup:

A prenup agreement you can also be called a prenup agreement a legal document that both people sign before marriage
This legal document records the details of the assets of both persons. This happens so that if this marriage ends, the affairs of the right seal can be easily dealt with.
This legal document helps to resolve finances before and after marriage. Your character has to sign this document from Sugar Deddies and avoid them themselves.

Never hold a job:

Refuse to take a job in any office or department for more than a year to meet the bitlife Material Girl challenge. Because the character of you who will marry will help you with a fairly high amount of money that will not require a job.

Buy $1m+ worth of jewelry while married:

As soon as your character fills in a supporter to marry a sugar daddy, ask him to buy jewelry worth a lot of money. This jewelry must be worth at least one million dollars. Do this so that immediately after the divorce all this jewelry remains with him that will be able to benefit him financially.
Because that is a simple way that can make you get rich very quickly and meet the challenge of material girl.

Purchase a yacht:

As soon as you have a large amount of money accumulated, you can buy yourself a ute that will be part of your asset assets.


An example of a sugar daddy you can take is an older rich man who attracts young girls by giving them expensive gifts to fulfill his sexual desires and pours his wealth on them.

Two people sign a prenuptial agreement before they get married, also called a prenup.

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