Bitlife Achievements a

Bitlife Achievements in modified unlock game

Basically, you can say bitlife achievements are goals of your life. What things do you want and what you to do achieve your goal? These achievements are special rewards in bitlife mod apk. If you want to face these tasks then you must game bitlife download.

Some achievements are easy and some are hard. There are different categories and 261 achievements in this game.

Achievement’s Category

  • Longevity
  • Wealth
  • Animal
  • Career
  • Disease
  • Entertainment
  • Fame
  • Fertility
  • Love
  • Military
  • Pet
  • Prison
  • Bitlife Royalty
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Bitlife Acting
  • Business
  • Stock Market
  • Street Hustling
  •  Landlord
  • Real Estate
  •  School
  • Social Media
  • Vehicle
  • Astronaut
  • Black Market
  • Cult
  • General


Complete a LifeComplete a Life
OctogenarianSee your 80th birthday
NonagenarianSee your 90th birthday
CentenarianSee your 100th birthday
Super-centenarianSee your 110th birthday
Mega-centenarianSee your 120th birthday
Strong GenesAchieve a 500-year generation
Long LineageAchieve a 1000-year generation
Living LegacyAchieve a 5000-year generation
Bitlife Achievements (1)


MillionaireBecome a millionaire
My Second MillionAchieve a net worth of $2m
MultimillionaireAchieve a net worth of $10m
RichAchieve a net worth of $20m
Super RichAchieve a net worth of $50m
Stinking RichAchieve a net worth of $100m
BillionaireAchieve a net worth of $1 billion
TrillionaireAchieve a bank balance of $1 trillion
ZillionaireAchieve an absolutely ridiculous bank balance
Bitlife Achievements (2)


Animal RescueRescue an animal
Deaf LeopardYell at a leopard
Gorilla and the FistGet decapitated by a gorilla
Hungry HippoGet killed by a hippopotamus
Lion TamerRescue a lion
UnicornFind a unicorn
Bitlife Achievements (3)


ActorBecome an actor
Airline CaptainBecome an airline captain
At Inner PeaceWork 75 years as a monk
CandywriterWork for BitLife
CEOBecome a CEO
DentistBecome a dentist
DoctorBecome a doctor
Fire ChiefBecome a fire chief
Jack Of All TradesHave 10 careers in one life
JudgeBecome a judge
Last ResortSeduce your boss to save your job
LawyerBecome a lawyer
People PersonBefriend all of your co-workers


AddictedSustain 3 addictions at once
Bubonic PlagueContract the bubonic plague
Foam at the MouthContract rabies
SicklyContract 10 diseases in one life
Successful RehabHave an addiction cured at a rehab center
WitchcraftGet cured of a disease by the witch doctor


BitBoiWatch Bijuu Mike on YouTube
BTS ARMYGo to a BTS concert
Movie JunkieGo to 5 movies in one life
SicklyContract 10 diseases in one life
MoviegoerGo to a movie


Brightest StarAchieve maximum fame
CenterfoldPose for Wank magazine
EndorserGet paid $2m for a commercial
K-PopBecome a famous Korean singer


DNA DonorMake 25 sperm donations in one life
Fabulously FertileHave 10 children in one life
Fertile MyrtleMother 25 children in one life
Smart SeedGet artificially inseminated with lawyer sperm
Super SpermHave 100 children in one life
Three’s CompanyHave triplets


BejeweledReceive 3 pieces of jewelry from the same lover
Black WidowWidow 5 husbands in one life
Diamond AnniversaryBe in a marriage for 75 years
Fake ItPropose successfully with a fake ring
Family PlannerConvince a lover to go off birth control
Golden AnniversaryBe in a marriage for 50 years
Heat of the MomentHave unprotected sex 10 times without getting an STD in one life
Maiden NamedMarry a man who takes your last name
MultigamistGet married 10 times in one life
Russian RouletteHave unprotected sex with 20 sketchy lovers in one life
StudHave 100 lovers in a single life
Wedding PlannerAgree to an arranged marriage


Career MilitaryServe your full career in the military
GeneralAchieve the rank of general in the military
AdmiralAchieve the rank of admiral in the military
Absent Without LeaveGo AWOL in the military
ExcavatorClear 10 minefields


Adopt Don’t ShopRescue every pet in the shelter
Horsing AroundOwn 50 horses in one life
Just Keep SwimmingBuy a goldfish and release it
Natural SelectionHave a pet that kills your lover
No ProbllamaBuy a llama


AftermathEscape prison in a riot
Behind BarsSpend 50 years in prison
Cry BabyCry in prison
Escape ArtistEscape from prison
GangstaJoin a prison gang
InmatingGet a lover pregnant on a conjugal visit
InstigatorStart a prison riot
JusticeGet freed from prison by appeal
Mercy MeGet granted clemency
Midnight ExpressGet sentenced to Turkish prison
TheseusEscape a supermax prison
True LiferSpend 75 years in prison

Bitlife Royalty

ExecutionerExecute 20 people
MarkelMarry into the British royal family
MonarchBecome a monarch
NapoleonGet exiled to a distant land
Reign Over UsReign as monarch for 100 years


CantonGet inducted into the football hall of fame
CristianoWin the Balloon d’Or
Full RideAccept an athletic scholarship
GiggsyWin 13 career championships
HookerGet paid to be a hooker
LanceWin a championship while doping


Bling BlingGet inducted into the football hall of fame
Didgeridoo’erMaster the didgeridoo
Keep it on the Down HoePerform at a hoedown
Lyrical LegendRelease 25+ studio albums in one life
Moves Like JaggerGo on tour at age 75+

Bitlife Acting

Baby, I’m Bollywood!Play a leading role in a Bollywood film
Best in ShowWin an award for Best Actor
Boo! Boooo!Get booed offstage at an awards show
Co-Star CalmerComfort a nervous co-star
Deadpan PerformanceGet hired to play a zombie as an extra
Por Siempre con AmorStar in a long-running telenovela
Smells Like AsscarWin an award for Worst Picture
That’s ShowbizGet dropped by a talent agent
Worse than BenniferExperience critics call your film worse than Gigli


Chipping InAcquire a semiconductor company
ExpansionLead a company with 100+ facilities
Feeding FamiliesLead a company with 1,000+ employees
It’s All YoursGet offered a CEO position
Lawsuit & TieGet sued by an employee
Meals on WheelsStart a food truck business
Now Buy TwitterIntroduce a new electric car
PhlegmployeeSpit at an employee
Taco Tuesday!Buy your team tacos on Tuesday

Stock Market

MarthaGo to prison for insider trading
Off the Block chainEarn $5m in crypto profits
Riding the BullEarn $10m in stock profits
Bottomed OutOwn a cryptocurrency that goes to zero
BTLFInvest in BitLife

Street Hustling

Benevolent BeastPanhandle change from an animal
BravoReceive a standing ovation
Pan Flute ProBecome a master Peruvian pan flutist
Pearl NecklaceReceive a pearl necklace on the street
Stand Your GroundRefuse to leave after being asked to by a cop
SuckerSell a tourist fake weed
Tossed SaladEat a tossed salad on the street


House HauntersRent out a haunted property
SlumlordEarn $1m renting run-down properties
Lord of the LandRent out 10+ properties at once
Joint OwnershipMarry a tenant
Worth Diddly SquatLose a $250k+ property to a squatter
Both Hands RedWalk in on a tenant playing Twister
ScroogedEvict a tenant who has 3+ children
Beverly HillbilliesRent out a mansion with an outhouse
Close Your EyesMake a wish
All-InclusiveSell a fully-upgraded villa
New Lease, Who Dis?Sell a property with tenants living in it
BLTV CribsFully upgrade 10 properties worth $1m+
Spirited AwayHave a tenant die at the hands of a ghost

Real Estate

House HunterMake $2m from flipping houses
Mansion PartyThrow a party in a mansion
Real Estate MogulPurchase real estate worth $10m combined
Trailer PartyThrow a party in a trailer


Brothers ForeverGet hired by a frat brother
Earning That ASeduce your teacher
Naughty ChildGet expelled from school
Swimming StarBecome captain of the swim team

Social Media

Social MediaJoin social media
Social Media SharerPost on social media
Social Media OversharerPost 5 times on social media in one life
Social Media StarGet a million followers on social media
Check!Get a social media account verified
OnlyFeetGain 1M+ subscribers on OF just by using your feet
Just the TipIgnore someone’s request after they tipped $50,000+
Moby DickReceive a fishing boat from an OF subscriber
Deep StrokesWork out with a collaborator on OnlyFans
Collaboration SensationGain 5,000 subscribers from a single OF collaboration
#OnlyTopsBe in the Top 0.01% of content creators on OnlyFans


AntiquedKeep a car running for 200 years
Car CollectorAssemble a car collection worth $1m
Extra Leg RoomTake your own 747 on a vacation
LamboBuy a Lamborghini
Not the Yellow OneBuy a submarine
Titanic TroubleRun into trouble on a yacht


Moon Prism PowerDiscover a locket on the Moon
Apocalypse LaterSave the Earth from annihilation
MarvinSet foot on Mars
Holy Sh…Discover a supermassive black hole
Eureka!Win the Noble Prize

Black Market

Show & TellOpen a museum
Mummy DearestPut your mother in your museum
Amateur CollectorCollect 50 unique treasures
Advanced CollectorCollect 150 unique treasures
Expert CollectorCollect 200 unique treasures
For the HoardCollect every treasure
Bang!Win an auction
You’re Trippin’Purchase a product from the Street Chemist
Smaug could never!Fill every exhibit in your museum


BitLife BarbzStart a commune as a famous rapper
Higher CallingEmbark on a spiritual journey
MEGA CommuneGather a following of over 5,000 people
Behind These WallsFully upgrade a commune plot to a compound
Look What I Can D–oh…Watch a devoted communard perish
Righteous FuryHave a communard murder a dissenter
IT’S A MIRACLECleanse a communard of a disease
Grande DameGive birth to 25 babies in a single cult
Everything The Light TouchesReceive an aircraft from a communard
The Immortal OnesTaxidermy 15 communards in a single cult
Told You SoLecture your followers about a dead rule-breaker
Cultural PhenomenonAmass a following of 500,000 people
Love GuruHook up with 50 communards in a single cult


All AlongHave a parent who comes out of the closet
BegoneExorcise your own ghost
the v challenge bitlifeComplete every other achievement
Booty CallHave a successful Brazilian butt lift
Cliff DiverGo cliff diving
Double ThreatRelease a diamond album and recieve a Bitty in the same life
Flamin’ HotSurvive 60 years on a Hot Cheetos diet
Flee the CountryEmigrate to escape justice
FrankensteinSurvive 5 botched plastic surgeries
Goat GrabberJoin a goat grabbing team
HeroSave someone’s life
Human DictionaryRead the dictionary
HyperthymesiaScore 20 sequences on the memory test
Island HopperEmigrate to Cuba, Aruba, Japan, and Samoa in one life
JackpotWin the lottery jackpot
LowrollerGet refused entry to a casino
Magical MogulBecome a famous CEO and magician in the same life
NightmareWake up from a nightmare
NomadImmigrate to 20 countries in one life
ParanightmareContract PTSD after a paranormal experience
PerfectionAchieve perfect stats
Player PerksAccept a casino’s hospitality offer
Quit Your witchingGet attacked by the witch doctor
ResourcefulGet $1m without ever working a day
Rich JusticeWin a $1m+ lawsuit
RoswellHave an alien encounter
Run Bitizen!Win a bet on Bitizen the horse
SacrilegePlay with the Holy Grail
SkeezyGet called “skeezy”
Snake SnackEat a snake
SweepstakesWin the sweepstakes
There’s Always CanadaEmigrate to Canada
Try & Stop MeViolate a restraining order
Ultimate BetrayalYour spouse leaves you following a gender reassignment
UnethicalBribe a college official
UnethicalBribe a college official
Winnipeg, Eh?Visit Winnipeg on vacation
ZAP!Get struck by lightning

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