Become A Billionaire

How to Become a Billionaire in Bitlife?

Every player wishes to become a bitlife millionaire in the game. Every player who plays the game makes the same effort to get as much money in the game as possible. If you’re playing with the bitlifw mod APK download, you don’t have the option to use the unlimited money.

But in the version of bitlife’s mod APK unblocked version, you have the facility to use endless money that has no limits. Making money in this game is not an easy task it is a very difficult task.

If you want to make money in a game, it depends on the ability of you to play the game and how you make money in it. But I will tell you a few methods about how you can make more money in this game.

First, you can work on a small job, for example, fast food delivery or rental employment, etc. Continue your education as well as your job because education is very important.

After receiving experience and education, you will begin to climb the ladder of your career. If you want to provide your services in the IT sector, like freelance work, this work also provides growth to you, which pays for much more money than normal regular jobs.

Gently collect money and invest that money in a business that can be profitable for you later. The ease of a task is accompanied by difficulties and involves risks.

Bitlife Achievements (2)

Use your help to do good things if you use it in the casino and you lose it, all your wealth will be lost.

You are buying property in the game and selling it for more money later. This is also a good tool to boost wealth as property prices continue to rise over time. If you don’t want to sell, you can increase your income by renting it out.

Starting or buying a business can be rewarding but it also requires a large investment of money in addition to making a good income from being famous through acting or sports.

In this game Bit Life, you are also given tasks to fulfill what you do.

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Bitlife millionaire


Ten lacs or one million, the game gives up the task that you have to raise so much money to fulfill your desires in your bitlfe live career. And if you manage to collect that much money, you will be awarded the millionaire’s title after the death.

Bitlife my second millionaire

My Second Million:

If your character collects one million according to the game’s criteria, then you are given the second task of two million, such is called โ€œmy second millionโ€. It requires you to double the amount you have already collected. This is possible when you work well throughout your character’s life to make money and spend that money thoughtfully. Use this money in the right place.

Bitlife multimillionaire


In this task, the game gives you a ten million net worth collection task, which I think is quite a difficult task. Without the help of the GOD mode version, you can fulfill this task easily.

Bitlife rich

Rich / Super Rich / Stinking Rich:

If you increase your net worth to twenty million in the game, you will be awarded a reach medal for completing the reach task in the game. And if you cross the fifty million goals, you will be awarded the middle of super reach. And if you achieve a figure of 100 million, then you will be called stinking reach.

Bitlife Billionaire

Billionaire / Trillionaire / Zillionaire:

As the name implies, if you manage to build a billion net worth in the game, you will be called a Billionaire.

And if you manage to collect a trillion in your character’s bank account, you will be awarded the title of trillion in the game.

As if every human being tries to have endless money in their bank balance, it also offers game up this option as we say in the game.

The most important thing is that if you are not using unlock features in the game, it is impossible for Net Worth Collection to go up. This requires you to unlock God Mode, which in the free version you will find all the features in free, with which you can collect unlimited money.


The only answer is just to download the Bitlife apk mod version, and install it on your smartphone. I assure you, you were born rich billionaires in this game without the help of the God mode feature.

Getting rich in BitLife is not easy but it is possible. Be a good actor, singer, or athlete to be famous. Then people like you with whom you can earn more money. Invest your money in the stock market, Invest these savings in buying land, company, or share to increase money even more and earn billions.

It can also be beneficial to marry the rich. Gambling can also cause harm so avoid it. Look good, read-write, and get rich in BitLife by saving money. For one, they can become rich by adopting this method. There is one more method use the mod apk version of bitlife and get rich just born with the help of God mode because everything unlocked and free in the modified version.

It is a little bit hard in the official Bitlife apk version but if you use the mod apk version then it is easily possible to earn above 1 billion dollars.

It is difficult to become a billionaire through crypto-currency in bitlife. But it also depends mostly on luck how much money is written in your luck. You can do more of the money you earn.

First start a life in a country where crypto-currency laws are simple. Increase the age of your character to 18 during this time, find a good job, and raise some money. As soon as you are able, check the different coins in the up crypto-currency and observe which currency has a high market value and whose low.

Which currency can benefit more in the time to come and which currency can harm up? All this will invest their money in crypto-currency while checking.

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