jolene challenge

How to complete Jolene challenge in Bitlife?

The Jolene challenge in bit life game is a challenge in which you complete tasks in terms of your character’s beauty. The role of up in this task is a woman born in Tennessee. He then has to cross the figure of 100 percent depending on his appearance. To achieve this look, the character of Up has to undergo treatment for breast surgery. Then she will have to work at a bank where she will be able to trap a man in her trap. Now we will see from Det which tasks we will have to fulfill to meet this challenge.

  • Be born a female in Tennessee
  • Have 100% Looks
  • Work at a bank
  • Hook up with someone else’s man
  • Get a breast augmentation
jolene tasks
Born a Female in TennesseeStart your journey from the beautiful state of Tennessee born as a female.
Achieve 100% LooksTransform into true beauty by achieving a stunning 100% looks rating.
Work at a BankStart a job in the bank.
Hook Up with Someone Else’s ManGet in a secret relationship with someone who has a partner.
Get a Breast AugmentationConsider breast implants to boost your confidence

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Get a Breast Augmentation in jolene challenge:

Now the question is what is a breast implant in the game and why is it necessary?

To enhance the beauty of your character, you can read the character undergoing breast implant surgery to trap someone who is in love with someone else.

you need to go to the activities tab after this go to the plastic surgery menu. To select the breast augmentation option, you will have to scroll down until the breast augmentation option is visible.

Now let’s talk about what is breast augmentation and how many types there are.

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure in which women reshape their breast size with the help of surgical procedures. The procedure uses Celine or silicone or fat injections to increase a woman’s breast size.

What candidate can this operation be for women, meaning which women are capable of the ability to be operated on?

  • The woman is at least 18 years old.
  • Have good physical health.
  • Get away from smoking and alcohol.
  • Do not be physically satisfied with the size of your breast and its shape.
  • You have realistic expectations to make your look beautiful.

Operation procedure:

The procedure involves the surgeon placing an undercarriage in the woman’s armpit or in the side under the breast and placing the implant under the breast tissue or under the muscles. This method allows a woman’s breast to be in a full shape and size.

There are basically two procedures for breast augmentation:

  • Implant augmentation
  • Breast engagement by fat injection

Doctors in implant AGM usually use a Celine or silicone implant to increase breast size.

Fat injections refer to a doctor or surgeon removing fat tissues from another part of the body and injecting them into the breast.

The benefits at the breast plant are accompanied by some complications in which some complications are usually visible.

  • Becoming infected.
  • Bleeding
  • Skin hearing, etc. include.


The procedure involves the surgeon placing an undercarriage in the woman’s armpit or in the side under the breast and placing the implant under the breast tissue or the muscles is called breast augmentation. You can easily say it is the un-natural method to improve women her breast size in artificial ways.

There are many different ways to raise your looks in BitLife game, if you are using the mod apk version of this game then you don’t need any precautions because this bitlifw mod apk version allows you all changes with the help of the God mod feature and bitizenship mod also.

if you are not using the mod version then you add these steps In the character’s life.

  • Go to the gym
  • Go for walks
  • Get plastic surgery
  • Go to the salon

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