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Starts a new life

In this game, you will get different levels in your simulator life. After completing your higher education you start a business and make earnings. Then you will buy the most expensive property and spend your life like a hero. When you maintain your wealth position in life you marry in the royal family. There are also challenges You will face in life, build good relationships, and take care of your health. At the end of the year, you will be rewarded with a Ribbon hanging on your grave’s stone for what you do in your life and what result you get after.

In this game bitlife mod apk, game gives new bitlife mods and exciting experiences to players. This game teaches you how you spend your life from birth to death. This game encompasses the entire life of a human being. It revolves around childhood, parent’s information, relationships with siblings, and the characters associated with them that are connected to your life.

Bitlife Strat a life a life age chart

Select Decision and get the Result

In this part of this game, you will see the start of a new life. Afterward, the game gives you questions from the first year to the last year.
When you hit the age add button three options are shown with the question. Read carefully the question select one option and get the result. At the end of the year, you will be rewarded with a Ribbon hung on your grave’s stone for what you do in your life and what result you get after. This game bitlife apk allows us to learn a select decision in life.

Stay Fit and Healthy

A healthy mind and healthy body are the base of every task and happiness.

Some simple and effective tips can help you to maintain your fitness and body health like your eating habits your diet plan etc.

Sleep plays an important role in life because without getting enough sleep your body does not function properly. When you sleep your body’s immune rebuilds your body cells and gives you new energy to work in life next.

Complete Challenges

Challenges are difficulties that come in human life. The challenges come into the character’s life in different shapes and sizes. They may be in the shape of illnesses, financial problems, difficulties, or relationship troubles.

On the Contrast, these challenges are not just obstacles, but also opportunities for growth and discovery. when we face problems and challenges in our lives these challenges make us stronger and teach us valuable lessons.

They lead us to new and exciting paths. This game also presents us with similar challenges.
House Flipper challenge, dog house challenge, etc. If you want to read more about challenges then read Bitlife Challenges post.

Higher Education

Acquiring higher education not only adds to your knowledge and skills but also opens up new avenues in your life. Education creates the opportunity to achieve your career goals, increase your wealth, and personally grow.

Keeping your education ongoing will help you maintain your skills and professional development. Choose a clear path according to your goals and circumstances, and move forward with determination. With hard work, you can change your future life and turn your dreams into reality.

Diversify Investments

Investing all your wealth in a single project can be risky as if the project fails, it can cause significant losses. In diversified investing, you distribute your wealth across various projects, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or premium funds.

This way, if one project incurs losses, other projects help mitigate your losses. Different projects provide you with different sources of income, which collectively contribute to enhancing your financial stability.

Start Business

Your luck is necessary to achieve success in life. However, utilize your education skills as a powerful tool, have faith in your ideas, and move forward with determination. You definitely can build your business empire out of your dreams.

Prepare a business plan and create a roadmap for your company. Include marketing, finance, operations, and team strategies. Obtain financial resources through personal savings, fundraising, or loans from banks.

Fulfill legal requirements, register your business, and obtain necessary permits. Starting a business after education is a significant step, but it is also an unparalleled opportunity for you to prove your abilities, achieve financial freedom, and shape your future.

Stay motivated, work hard, and take steps toward your dreams.

Buy Luxurious Property

A dream to buy a luxurious property with the money earned through hard work is something that many people aspire to. This is not a house only, it is the symbol of success, personal satisfaction, and a life to be proud of.

However, many combinations of hard work and practical wisdom turn this dream into reality. This journey is not easy, but with dedication and intelligence, it will lead you towards a beautiful and comfortable life.

Remember, the journey to acquiring a splendid property is not just about obtaining it, but also about planning and taking responsibility. Therefore, proceed with caution and use your intelligence at every step.

Build Royal Relationships

Fame should be the number one priority If you want to become a royal family member because fame is your biggest weapon. To acquire it you can choose from various careers like puppeteer, singer, and voice-over artist.

These careers make you a big star, but they also require some special practical wisdom. You must hurry up if you want to make relations with royal families.

The players of the royal relationship game will have to fight on two fronts! On one side, the battle of fame, and on the other side, the field of beauty and health.

If we don’t pay attention to them along with our careers, not only will fame become difficult, but the concept of a royal relationship will also remain incomplete.

Travel glove & Live like Star

When you’re living the high life in BitLife, the whole world is eager to catch a glimpse of you. You embark on luxurious vacations to breathtaking destinations, where enchanting and awe-inspiring landscapes await you at every turn.

Traveling in regal fashion isn’t just about taking a holiday; it’s a transformative journey of self-discovery. Immerse yourself in different cultures, connect with locals, learn their languages, and embark on a new chapter in your life.

Every trip gives you a unique lens through which to view the world. Attend the red-carpet function events get fame and become a famous superstar in the Bitlife world.

BitLife Blockchain

Candywriter LLC is the main publisher of this game BitLife. This game is a simulation version that depends on human life. This game is most popular in recent games therefore candywriter launched four versions of this game. This website provides you with a modified version and tells you the differences between the official apk and modified apk information of this game. You can easily download the latest apk version of this game from the download page and if you want to download a downgraded version of this game then go old version download page.

However, this game’s impact on the other gaming community has been unbelievable. 5-star reviews everywhere in the Google Play Store on 10 million downloads or maybe above. This game BitLife unblocked attracted many players and I also enjoy several Parts of this game.


There are many fewer games that give you the opportunity to live a real life in this game bit life Mode APK you can do all the things you could ever wish for Things like adopting a child, winning a lottery getting married in reality, robbing a bank, etc., for example. In bitlfe APK you are given unlimited and a lot of free unbloked features with which you can also make many alterations to the game This game is a text-based game where you are asked questions about the character’s life and you have to answer them thoughtfully.

Players within the game sometimes also face situations where they need to keep their character alive for a long time. These situations often come up in the form of challenges and success. It encourages athletes to live to a certain age or to do a task for a long time. For the longevity of any character, The longevity of any character requires taking care of the following things:

The first of which is health from his physique. Whenever you select your role in the bit ife game, choose a good physical health character. Make sure that the role of exercising regularly along with a healthy diet and sleep is fulfilled. Stay away from every activity that worsens his health eg smoking drinking or drugs etc Their use can lead to a decrease in age.

The good health of the character, as well as his education and training, is important. Good education helps you get a good job thanks to which you can improve your quality of life. Get rid of anxiety and live a good better life. As soon as you feel that you can cover your expenses, you can also go to your wedding. Having children after marriage then you feel like living longer. Be a part of the activities you enjoy to live a good ife.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of living a long and healthy life in BitLifw.

Choose a low-tax country to become rich in the bitlife game and get a lot of money so that no tax applies to the money you inherit.
Work with or take a job with companies running businesses or technology businesses. Collect the money you earn and use it on a stock market. become a shareholder of a company or buy a home or place. Use your money in a good place to work well
Get promoted to extra jobs to earn more money. Keep your character Happy and healthy. If you marry a rich girl with a lot of money, it will also help fund you.
Sometimes even playing the lottery or gambling etc. you can get a lot of money in the form of a cash prize but it is dangerous.
With the money raised, you can also start your own business, which allows you to start making money very quickly. Before investing money in any place, be careful and use the money you have raised with all your life.
If you use the unblocked version of bitlife Mode APK it also gets an infinite amount of money that you can use in different places.

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