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Bitlife God Mode APK (Bitizenship & Boss Mode)

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GOD Mode

Boss Mode

$ In-Application feature Purchases

TitleDurationPriceMod APK VersionDuration
Time Machine UseOne-Time$0.99Free Full Time
BitizenshipOne-Time$7.99Free Full Time
God ModeOne-Time$7.99Free Full Time
Bitizenship + God ModeOne-Time$12.99Free Full Time
Boss ModeOne-Time$15.99Free Full Time
Landlord Expansion PackOne-Time$4.99Free Full Time
Investor Expansion PackOne-Time$4.99Free Full Time
Remove AdsOne-Time$2.99Free Full Time
C.U.L.T. Expansion PackOne-Time$4.99Free Full Time

Bitlife GODMode

A question people always ask about this game is what does GOD mode do in bitlife? In this game, another feature is the bitlife god mode apk feature. This is not a part of the bitizenship mode. In this feature, you can change and edit the player’s name, and look even at the color of their skin and stats as you want with no limits. You can change your status as in nations with the help of bitlife godmode. But your siblings, birthday date, pet color, and conception method can’t change in this feature.

you can just download bitlife god mode apk from here and enjoy the free features of this game.

profile first name in Bitlife God Mode APK
name edit in Bitlife God Mode APK
look edit in Bitlife God Mode APK

Bitlife Boss Mode

Boss this word shows a person who is a handler on a farm and has authority over the work and on workers. The boss mod is a special careers tab where you will find actors, bitlife mafia, musicians, politicians, bitlife business, pro athletes, street hustlers and astronauts, dealers, models, vampires, and much more.

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