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The education importance cannot be overstated in shaping individuals and societies for a brighter future. Education has become an important part of human life at present time. If Man does not have a wealth of education, he faces difficulties in today’s modern age, where man has reached the moon.

Now take a little example of Lake of education, most people write the wrong app names like bitlifw, buitlife, butlife,bitlfe, ife, buitlife, bit life mods, bit life mod, bit life free, etc. In these words, the one word is the same but some searchers search with wrong spells.

The schools are designed to fulfill these tasks, which are present in both private and government conditions. It’s the most important thing every human being should get the best education and improve their future and present lifestyle.

The education sector is also mentioned in this game and we are told how it is important to always make relevant choices. It teaches us how important education is in our lives and how to help us acquire innovative skills.

primary school eduction image

Private Schools Education

Primary schools play a crucial role in the survival of any society. These schools or educational institutions are privately funded rather than government-funded. If we look at their general characteristics, in most countries, the education system follows the national curriculum in private primary schools.

However, in this installation, they also include additional articles that fulfill the development of children and the preferences of parents.

If we talk about size the private schools can be both large and small. The number of students in private school classes is lower compared to government schools, so more attention can be given to the students and any additional resources can be utilized effectively.

In small classes, the number of children is less, which is why their fees are higher compared to government schools. This is done so that more attention can be given to the children and they can easily understand even the smallest things. Along with higher fees, their admission fees are also higher and if compared to government schools, they also provide free admission along with free education.

Let’s delve a little deeper into how private schools operate in other countries and explore the potential differences in their teaching methods or approaches.

First and foremost, let’s talk about how the state laws In the United States, and private schools have been given the autonomy to educate children according to their own methods. In the leadership of these states, there are some schools that are religious and some secular schools. Here, parents educate their children in private schools instead of government schools so that individual attention can be given to the children. 

If it comes to UK private schools, they include a variety of private schools including independent schools, Self-Financed Schools, and academies

Azad schools are usually schools that create their own curriculum and charge their own layered fees. In contrast, self-finishing schools take funding from the government and teach the curriculum on their own. Academies are similar to public schools, but admissions and curriculum are controlled by the government.

If we talk on to Pakistan, the number of private schools in Pakistan is growing rapidly, mostly private schools prefer an English curriculum and some public schools prefer   English as well as Urdu subjects. Parents who want their children to get higher education enroll children in good private schools instead of public schools. 

So that their families can not be concerned for tomorrow and take care of their good education and training.

On the other hand, let’s talk about the developed countries in which Japan, France, America, China, etc. are included. These countries have a strong private school system, but they are expensive compared to government schools.

Mostly private schools in Japan, focus on preparation for private schools and universities at the higher level, which have tough entrance exams. Some private schools focus more on artistic qualifications such as music or sports.

Private schools in France are called Eccles privés, which are part of their education system. These schools are a kind of Catholic affiliation with the church and there are non-religious schools as well.

The quality of education in Singapore is better than in the rest of the other countries. There is a strong network of Public Schools as well as private schools.

They offer special programs in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts, and sports play an important role in the physical development of the student as well as mental development students are required to pass exams to enter these schools, then they are also classified for admission to the school.

As well as being small classes, Canadian private schools are known for teaching two languages, and many schools do Demi programs in French that prepare the students for most English-speaking countries. Private schools in Canada are not affiliated with any religious institution and parents who want religious education for their children choose religious schools for their children.

you just imagine the popularity of the Brazilian school “Esco Los particos Lars” with more than seven million students studying in it. With more than seven million students in attendance, these schools often provide better infrastructure and resources than public schools. These schools often provide better education and resources than public schools, and they also attract families seeking higher education.

In this game bitlife, as soon as you are four years old, you are enrolled in primary school, some of which are public primary, some of which are private primary.

As soon as you enter the school part of the game, you are shown classes in which the students of the class you are studying with and the teachers of the UP are also shown.

In this game, you will also get to see different types of activities for you as soon as you enter someone’s profile. Now we are in Mrs. Ornkong (Teacher)’s profile in the classroom.  You also have the opportunity to change your profile with the help of God Mode and many options such as

about teacher and activities in classroom
teacher's profile
  • Edit profile with the help of God Mode
  • Act up
  • Befriend
  • Compliment 
  • Disrespect
  • Gift
  • Insult
  • Suck up

Act up

Now we are in the edited part of the teacher inside the classroom at bitlife school in which part of the Act up is in the game.

It means that you have to do mischief in the classroom, maybe you have to be uncontrollable, you have to not believe the teacher, you have to fight or you have to pay attention to unnecessary things. All these things are done in the Act Section.

actup in classroom
act up in class
act up in class room


In the edit section of the class, you may even be friends with the teacher as soon as you click on the befriend button, you get a picture that will show the teacher’s name, gender, age, birthplace, occupation looks, smart and craziness and ask you if you want to be friends with them. As soon as you click on Befriend her, you will receive a dialog box in the form of a reply indicating whether the teacher wants to make friends with you or not.

Befriend with teacher
be friend rejection image

Edit Any profile with the help of God Mode

In bitlife mod apk you will find unlimited money, bitizenship, God mode, Boss mode, and all kinds of features also free here you can also be born in the form of a rich child who will not lack money.

edit teacher appearance
edit teacher attributes


In this section of edit you can also pass the compliment to your teacher for example if you call your teacher chammed there will be a dialog box open after you say you will react to what appraisal is shown when you do the compliment.

Compliment For teach
Compliment For teach image

Disrespect | Insult

Having a good relationship with your teachers is very important for you to succeed in the educational field and develop your overall character. If you are not good with teachers, you will not be able to develop in any part of life because the teacher is the key to success. The methods taught by him make it easier for a person to find difficult destinations and if you do not behave well, you will face bad consequences. The bitlife game also shows the option of disrespect options it is up to you what you want to do


give gift to teacher

In the bitlife Edit option, you will also receive an option that you can gift to your teacher.

As soon as you press the gift button, you will have a dialog box open that says what you would like to give your teacher.

After it will list a variety of items with a price that you have to select.

As soon as you select an item, so if you have money, give the gift to your teacher.

Suck up

In-game SketchUp refers to false pleasing help for example if you didn’t do classwork, you should ask your teacher in a good way how your day went or you help her make any assignments.


Just looked up how we teach in different countries and their curriculum is also separate and how they work. Have also talked about it. Just talked about private schools. In the next post, up will read about public elementary schools.

Yes, you can be friends with your teacher in the bitlife game. Make sure you have a good relationship with them and give them a gift. You must have strong willpower and be sure that you will befriend them. You will obey their commands, which will make them happy with you and make friends.

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