Bitlife BR Mod APK

Bitlife BR Apk is an Android mobile simulator game developed by the developer in 2021. The game is also available for Android and iOS platforms. Within this game, you control the life of a character and make the decisions that come into his life. With the help of these decisions, you give her life shape.

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bitlife br mod apk

Game Information

App NameBitLife Br Mod Apk
APK VersionLatest
Country CodeBR (Brazil)
Download SourceBitslifeapk
Safetyonly download from bitslifeapk
CategorySimulation, Role Playing
Last UpdateLatest
Size107.28 MB
DeveloperCandywriter LLC
bitlife br simulacso de vida
primeiro beijo
encare as consequencias
tenha uma vida incrivel
morra feliz

This is a text-based game that does not have graphics. The gameplay includes a variety of options, as well as a series of decisions that you make for your character. The decisions you make also affect different aspects of the character’s life. Such as his career, his relationships his financial circumstances, etc.

The game involves a variety of career relationships and activities that also have different characteristics.

  • Career options
  • Educational activities
  • Vocational training
  • A variety of activities
  • Bitlife br mod menu apk

Career options:

Career options include doctors, lawyers, engineers, actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, and many more that give the game a beautiful twist.

Educational activities:

Within the game, you can also participate in a variety of educational activities and professional training to teach your character and make him skilled.

A variety of activities:

To make the gameplay good, a variety of activities have also been added to the game such as shopping, playing games, watching movies, going to parties, celebrating holidays, visiting different places, etc. These activities are placed in the game so that your character can fully enjoy and reduce their stress within the game.

The game was known as an addictive game when it was launched.  Beautiful gameplay interesting story and a variety of career options were added to the game.

Pros & Cons


  • Security risks
  • Legal issues
  • Lack of support from official developers


  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlock features
  • Improved gameplay
  • Customization


If viewed as a whole, the game is a fun and addictive mobile game that can entertain the player for hours on end.  If you are also looking for this type of game and want to download it, bitlife BR mode is a great AP option that allows you to shape the life of your character.


Now this time, there is no free apk premium version available but we will try to make this bitlife unblocked br version.

yes this game is in Brazilian language.

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